Monday, 9 April 2012

How the scheme works

The Community First panel scheme means some parts of the country get Government money to allocate to initiatives in that area.

First a panel of local people decides on priorities.  Here in Cressington ward we have done that and the priorities are listed in an earlier post.

Then organisations/projects can apply for money.  The panel makes the decisions.  The scheme is matched funding which means you have to put something in to get funds.  However that something can be time (for example volunteer hours) or items (like gifts in kind - say printing or free room hire).

We have more than £30,000 to allocate although it can't all be given out at once.

We'll be ready to look at applications soon and will post details of how to apply here.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Our priorities

The Community First panel should be ready to accept applications soon.

However we thought it would help to publish the outline priorities now.

These are:

Improving parks, streets and other open and green spaces in the ward.

Dealing with graffiti and litter, possibly by supporting community clean up days and residents groups initiatives

Increasing the activities available for young people in the ward, particularly in the evening

Supporting activities for older people, particularly in parts of the ward where there is an under supply

Supporting special events like Fun Days and so on which bring the community together.